Enacted Reports

The Commission projects listed on this page are those that have been enacted by the Legislature, but the reports accessible below may differ from the actual statute since changes may have been made to the text during the Legislative process. Please consult the New Jersey statutes in order to determine the law of the State. A list of Commission projects resulting in Final Reports that have not yet been enacted may be found on the Final Reports and Recommendations page.

N.J.S. 2A:49A-1 et seq.L. 2017, c.39
(New Jersey) Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act - proposed enactment of a Uniform Law, revised for use in New Jersey, to provide a uniform mechanism for addressing multi-jurisdictional adult guardianship issues that have become time-consuming and costly for courts and families. WORD || PDF L. 2012, c. 36
Anatomical Gift WORD || PDF L. 2001, c. 87
N.J.S. 26:6-58.1; 26:6-60.2 - amendments to Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
(which also repealed 26:6-60.1 and 26:6-58.7)
Bulk Sale Notification Requirements - recommended changes to clarify that when more than one individual, trust, or estate jointly own real property, including a home, non-commercial dwelling unit, or seasonal rental, the sale of such property is exempt from the bulk sale notification requirements as it would be if a single individual, trust, or estate owned it. WORD || PDF L. 2017, c. 307
Cemeteries WORD || PDF L. 2003, c. 261
N.J.S. 45:27-1 et seq. - New Jersey Cemetery Act 2003
(Uniform) Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act WORD || PDF L. 2004, c. 147
2A:34-53 et seq. (which also repealed NJS 2A:34-28 through 2A:34-52)
Civil Penalty Enforcement Act WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 274
N.J.S. 2A:58- 10 through 2A:58-12 -
Penalty Enforcement Law of 1999
Collaborative Law - New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act - recommended enactment of new statutory language designed to creates a consistent framework for the use of the collaborative process in family law matters that is intended to provide important consumer protections and an enforceable privilege between parties and non-attorney collaborative professionals during the negotiation process (terms: family law, collaborative law). WORD || PDF L. 2014, c.
N.J.S. 2A:23D-1 et seq. -
Construction Lien Law - recommended the revision of the Construction Lien Law to address concerns regarding the statute’s residential construction provisions, define terms undefined by the statute, clarify imprecise language, and revise statutory provisions that conflict with industry practice and are no longer workable or desirable. WORD || PDF L. 2010, c. 119
N.J.S. 2A:44A 1-38 et seq. P.L.2010 c.119 - Construction Lien Law 2010
Court Names WORD || PDF L. 1991, c. 119
Court Organization WORD || PDF L. 1991, c. 119
N.J.S. 2B:1-1 through 2B:9-1
Criminal Law Titles 2A & 24: Completion of Compilation WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 90
(New Jersey) Declaration of Death Act (NJDDA) - recommended modifications to 26:6A-4 Word || PDF L. 2013, c. 185
(Uniform) Electronic Transactions Act WORD || PDF L. 2001, c. 116
N.J.S. 12A:12-1 through 12A:12-26
Evidence WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 319
(Uniform) Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets ActCommission did not issue a Final Report concerning this Act, Commission Staff had the opportunity to work with Legislators, Legislative Staff, Staff members from the Office of Legislative Services, and Staff members from the Uniform Law Commission in order to review and revise the Act for enactment in New Jersey L.2017, c.237
(Uniform) Foreign Country Money-Judgment Recognition Act -This, too, was an area of the law on which the Commission did not issue a final report, but engaged in work and provided support for the bills underlying the Act. WORD || PDF L.2017, c.365
(Uniform) Foreign-Money Claims Act WORD || PDF L.1993, c.317
General Repealer - recommends repeal of assorted anachronistic or invalid statutes including: some that are invalid because they have been found unconstitutional or have been superseded; some that may be legally enforceable but which have ceased to have any operative effect with the passage of time; some that are anachronistic because they relate to offices or institutions which no longer exist; some that are anachronistic because they deal with problems which were important at one time but which have ceased to be relevant to modern society; and others that deal with problems that still have relevance but which do so in a way that has become unacceptable (terms: anachronistic statutes, unconstitutional, superseded). WORD || PDF L.2014, c.69
(Uniform) Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act - recommends adoption of the UIDDA in New Jersey, with modifications to accommodate New Jersey practice but, although the Commission ordinarily makes recommendations to the Legislature, in this case, the better course would be court rule revision to incorporate UIDDA in order to provide a simple and convenient process for issuing and enforcing deposition subpoenas. WORD || PDF
Changes to Court Rules - R. 4:11-4 and 4:11-5
(Uniform) Interstate Family Support Act - recommends enactment of the Commission's released Final Report pertaining to the Uniform Law Commission’s 2008 amendments to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). These amendments modify the current version of UIFSA’s international provisions to comport with the obligations of the United States under the 2007 Hague Convention on Maintenance. WORD || PDF
L. 2016, c.1
Intestate Succession WORD || PDF L. 2001, c. 109
N.J.S. 3B:5-5.1 - amendment to Probate Code
Juries WORD || PDF L. 1995, c. 44
N.J.S. 2B:20-1 through 2B:23-18; 2B:4-4
(Revised Uniform) Limited Liability Company Act - proposed enactment of a revised Uniform Law that permits the formation of limited liability companies, which provide the owners with the advantages of both corporate-type limited liability and partnership tax treatment. (ULLCA) WORD || PDF L. 2012, c. 50
Lost or Abandoned Property WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 331
N.J.S. 46:30C-1 through 46:30C-5
Married Women's Property - proposed the elimination from the statute of laws enacted between the mid 19th century and the early 20th century to in order alter the old common law rules that limited a married woman’s legal capacity and power to own and control property. While these laws served a purpose when enacted, they came to be viewed as demeaning relics. WORD || PDF L. 2011, c. 115
Material Witness WORD || PDF L. 1994, c. 126
N.J.S. 2C:104-1 et seq.
(Uniform) Mediation Act WORD || PDF L. 2004, c. 157
N.J.S. 2A:23c-1 through 2A: 23c-13-Uniform Mediation Act
(Uniform) Military and Overseas Voters Act - recommends revision of Overseas Residents Absentee Voting Law to incorporate key UMOVA concepts not yet addressed in New Jersey law, including: expansion of definition of "overseas voter" to include voters eligible to vote in New Jersey but not born here; and, consistent with Vote by Mail Law, 19:63-1 et seq., permitting use of Federal Postcard Application Form to register to vote in any election (not just a federal election). Final Report 2012 || WORD || PDF
(Uniform) Millers of Grain - Derived from a more expansive Final Report of the Commission issued in 2012 and largely enacted in 2017 recommended repeal of the law regulating charges that could be assessed by a miller for grinding grain. L. 2017, c. 227
Mortgage Recording - Recording Mortgage Servicers - recommends changes to the law regarding the duty to prepare a document showing that a mortgage has been satisfied (clarifying that the record mortgagee must sign the satisfaction of mortgage) in order to make the chain of title clear - the records will show who held the mortgage and that that party has declared it satisfied (if the record holder has no continuing relationship to the mortgage or its owners, it may file an assignment to the proper party); also proposes language to address fraud by persons claiming to be servicers of a mortgage (terms: mortgage recording, recording of servicers, mortgage servicers). WORD || PDF L. 2015, c. 225
Municipal Courts WORD || PDF L. 1993, c. 293
N.J.S. 2B:12-1 et seq.
Overseas Residents Absentee Voting Law - The Report recommended revision of Overseas Residents Absentee Voting Law to recognize the rights of overseas citizens who were not previously covered by existing New Jersey law to make certain technical changes to the law. L. 2017, c. 39
Parentage Act WORD || PDF L. 1991, c. 22
N.J.S. 9:17-38 et seq.; 3B:5-10 - New Jersey Parentage Act
Pejorative Terms 2017 - The Report recommended changes to eliminate demaning, disparaging, and archaic terminology used when referring to persons with a physical or sensory disability or a substance use disorder. The Report was consistent with the Legislative goal expressed in P.L. 2010, c.50 to ensure that the statues and regulations of the State do not contain language that is outdated and disrespectful to persons with a disability and it expands the scope of prior NJLRC Reports (two earlier Reports were released dealing terminology as it related to persons with developmental, cognitive or psychiatric disabilities (in 2008 and in 2011 - the latter Report was the basis of A-3357/S-2224, which received bipartisan support, passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously, and was signed into law by the Governor). WORD || PDF L. 2017, c. 131
Pejorative Terms after 2008 - proposed elimination of demeaning, disrespectful, and archaic terminology used in the New Jersey statutes when referring to persons with developmental, cognitive or psychiatric disabilities. WORD || PDF L. 2013, c. 103
Probate Code 1999 Revisions - proposed amendment of probate code to conform with decedent's probable intent when an heir is unknown. WORD || PDF L. 2001, c. 109
(Uniform) Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act WORD || PDF L. 2009, c. 64
Recordation of Title Documents WORD || PDF L. 1991, c. 308
N.J.S.46:26A, 26B, 26C
Repealers WORD || PDF L. 1991, c. 59, 93, 121, 148
Replevin WORD || PDF L. 1995, c. 263
N.J.S. 2B:50-1 et seq.
School Background Checks WORD || PDF L. 2007, c. 82
N.J.S.18A:6-7.1 and 18A:6-7.2
(Civil Actions) Service of Process WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 319
N.J.S. 2A:15-30.1
Statute of Frauds WORD || PDF L. 1995, c. 36
N.J.S. 25:1-10 through 25:16
Surrogates WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 70
N.J.S. 2B:14-1 through 2B:14-13
Tax Court WORD || PDF L. 1993, c. 403
N.J.S. 2B:13-1 through 2B:13-15; 22A:5-1
Title 45 Professions WORD || PDF L. 1999, c. 403
Title Recordation - recommended the revision of the statutes pertaining to the recording of title documents following the enactment of the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (E-sign), 15 U.S.C. §7001 et seq., and New Jersey’s enactment of the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), L.2001, c.116; it required the acceptance of electronic alternatives to paper documents. WORD || PDF L. 2011, c. 217
(New Jersey) Trade Secrets Act - proposed the enactment of a Uniform Law, revised for use in New JErsey, that codifies the basic principles of common law trade secret protection, preserving the essential distinctions from patent law and the remedies for trade secret misappropriation as developed in case law. WORD || PDF L. 2011, c. 161
N.J.S.56:15-1 et seq.
(Uniform) Trust Code - recommends enactment of New Jersey Uniform Trust Code, based on the Uniform Trust Code and the work of an ad hoc Committee of New Jersey experts who analyzed it and adapted it for New Jersey’s needs (terms: uniform trust code, trusts, powers of trustees, breach of trust, spendthrift trust, discretion of trustee). WORD || PDF L. 2015, c. 276
UCC Article 1 (General Provisions) - proposed updates to definitions and general provisions which, in the absence of conflicting provisions, apply as default rules covering transactions and matters otherwise covered under a different article of the UCC. WORD ||PDF L. 2013, c. 65
UCC Article 2A (Leases) WORD || PDF L. 1994, c.114
UCC Article 3 (Negotiable Instruments) & 4 (Bank Deposits) WORD || PDF L. 1995, c.28
UCC Article 4A (Funds Transfers) - Superseding previously enacted Report - proposed the updating of the Article in response to changes in federal law. Without the modification, after February of 2013, a fund transfer initiated by a remittance transfer would have been entirely outside the coverage of Article 4A, even if the remittance transfer is not an electronic fund transfer, and would not have been covered by either law. WORD ||PDF L. 2013, c. 65
UCC Article 5 (Letters of Credit) WORD || PDF L. 1994, c.114
UCC Article 6 (Bulk Transfers) WORD || PDF L. 1994, c.114
(which repealed 12A:6-101 through 12A:6-111)
UCC Article 7 (Documents of Title) - proposed modifications to accomplish two primary objectives: (1) allowance of electronic documents of title, and (2) introduction of provisions to reflect trends at the state, federal and international levels. WORD ||PDF L. 2013, c. 65
UCC Article 8 (Investment Securities) WORD || PDF L. 1997, c. 252
UCC Article 9 (Secured Transactions) - Superseding previously enacted Report - proposed changes to this Article, which governs security agreements where the property is not real estate. These arrangements are the basis of an important part of commercial finance and many involve interstate transactions, so it is important that the state laws governing them are as nearly uniform as possible. The most significant change proposed concerns specification of the name of debtors who are natural persons. WORD ||PDF L. 2013, c. 65